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warframe more weapon slots

I believe slots are more of a detriment to the game than a benefit. #8 Warframe / weapon slots are literally the only speed bumps for making. Click This If You're New to the Subreddit or Returning to Warframe! . Unlike everything else in Warframe ; Warframe slots, Weapons slots. Some people believe everything should stay the same. I believe slots are more of a detriment to the game than. It actually makes you work for the thing. If you level them all you will reach rank 12 and be points in to the rank. Weapon slots cost 12 for 2 slots. This is avoid farming that little 50p you get everytime you start a new character. Buying into Prime Access or Prime Vault warframes is something I think is okay if you have disposable income. I'm at work right now, but I should be online later; about 6 hours from the time of this post. Unless you bought a few hundred frame or companion slots or a thousand weapon slots, you pretty much are still fine. warframe more weapon slots I think and strongly stand by this decision, simply because of the fact that: As for removing slots, this will likely not happen, as there are plenty of f2p in this game, the drive for them to get plat is likely to buy slots, which supplies the market with 'valuble' stuff to sell, and keep trading active. WHile I understand that DE needs to make money on what is largely a Free to Play game, but I wish they had a package you could buy that would have unlimited frame and weapon slots. You can easily earn enough platinum to pay for Warframe and weapon slots as you need them the most you'll be leveling at one time is three weapons and a warframe, anyway. Are they needed in today's Warframe? Oh, and DE did not sell out or relinquish control in any way, if you had bothered to read any of the details on that instead of joining the drama train, you would know that. Certain must-haves, exclusives, and new nightmare mods easily come to mind. Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges. Plat is the only way to get slots aside from event and anniversary weapons. I even counted the 2 rows, top row 91, bottom row Oh and BTW i know you're going to ansewr back with some snarky PC is da best comment and just save your breath. Your stereotyping of what a free game should be is rather sad. Showing 1 - 15 of comments. Luckily DE is kind enough to provide you a spielanleitung mau mau kartenspiel to get plat without spending a single dime on this game via trading with players. You get some more value out of it if you happen to get a rare or uncommon. Edited by NeithanDiniem

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